Saturday, 4 August 2007

Bicycle security test in the New York Times.

Something interesting to read here, taken from the New York Times of 2nd August.

I might approach them and offer a security test in the BRITISH stylee using proper lowlife scum techniques and tools rather than the namby pamby "Oooh, this looks nice and chunky, it MUST be good" approach. I'm happy that the US doesn't have the same theft problem as the UK.

Oh, for any Hindus out there, Brad Quartuccio isn't an incarnation of Lord Krishna, it's a problem with my colour balance on the scanner, sorry about that.
Anyway, I doubt Krishna would ride a pushbike, he'd have a Viman or something and he certainly wouldn't be living in Pittsburg in 2007.

Brad does, however, look more Smurf-like than I am entirely comfortable with.

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