Saturday, 28 July 2007

Sold Secure 5 Minute Attack test for motorcycles, gone?

From the Sold Secure website today.

Crime statistics indicate that the average car thief would wish to spend no longer than 2½ minutes gaining entry to a vehicle and driving off. The Sold Secure attack test acknowledges this criteria and tests the product for a full five minutes. Thus any Car product bearing our seal of approval must improve your chances of finding your car where you left it. (Unfortunately none of the products is effective against the local authorities illegal parking units!!!!!!) Such has been the success of this scheme; car manufacturers now build in security at the production line stage. Although tests indicate this may have some distance to go before it is totally effective in all cases.

Motor Cycles
Around 50,000 motorcycles are stolen in this country every year. Many of these are broken down for spares and less than a quarter are ever recovered. A very high percentage of those stolen are actually taken from outside their owners’ homes. It has been interesting to note that a £7000 bike parked in a busy main road may sport several security devices but when at home the bike is propped up against a dustbin in the front garden. A determined thief will take some risks to secure the bike he wants even to lifting them over gates with a crane!

Sold Secure has a single level of Motorcycle Security Approval. Both mechanical and electronic security devices are certified to the same high level. Using a fully specified burglar’s toolkit the motorcycle is proven safe from the average thief. There are a number of options for security at home and also when parked away from home.

Might just be me but I'm sure there are thousands of motorcycle products with a big number 5 next to a Sold Secure logo indicating that it is 5 minute attack tested (for what it's worth).

Maybe one of you kind people would like to contact Sold Secure on Monday and ask them. Sold Secure and the Master Locksmiths Association are one and the same. Just don't tell them I sent you and whatever you do, do NOT mention Almax :o)

Note to self, must get a fully specified burglars tool kit from Maplins on Monday.

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