Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Dude with the beard.

To the dude in the Kryptonite blog workshop pics, your workshop flippin rocks! You got some nasty looking toys there. You must love your job :o)



madmole said...

I notice that there doesn't seem to be any cable cutters on the Kryptonite tool shelf! Suprising considering they sell so many cable locks and judging by yesterdays program seem to be the tool of choice of the theives

Also if the 42" Irwins cut the Kryptonites that easily, just how small a set of bolt cutters can you get away with. I carry a 20" set in the Land Rover for legally abating obstructions on byways and although hard work have always managed to cut chains used by folks to block the highway

Captain Cropper said...

Madmole, there are cable cutters, in fact the most hardcore cable cutters I've ever seen.

Look again, they are there.