Saturday, 14 July 2007

Intersting developments afoot. Bikesure have taken the brave step of moving away from Sold Secure and Thatcham accreditation and POSSIBLY towards their own approved list based on REAL LIFE experience and common sense. Here's the statement:


Upcoming TV exposé on bike theft epidemic:
"About time too" says leading bike insurer

In the wake of the bike crime wave, especially in London, specialist motorbike insurer Bikesure is demanding the motorbiking industry sorts out the issue of security and is offering discounts for customers who use certain specified security products.

"It's a known fact that many of the motorcycle security products sold today don't work - they can be broken into in seconds," says Robert Balls of Bikesure. "Even locks and chains that are Thatcham or Sold Secure-approved often aren't good enough to stop a thief for more than a minute.

"People who buy an expensive 'Gold Level Approval' product, in good faith, expect it to work. It's time they knew many of them don't."

ITV London will take the lid off the issue on July 24th, when 'Gone In 60 Seconds' looks at London's epidemic of bike theft, and the shortcomings of existing bike security products. A segment of the show focuses on motorbike locks and demonstrates how one Sold Secure-approved product took just 2 seconds to break open. Of the three motorbike security products on test (another of which is Thatcham-approved), the best lasted just 11 seconds.

"It's about time this issue was highlighted," comments Robert Balls. He says that motorcycle owners need to be able to trust the products they use. For several years Bikesure has been working with Almax, the security specialist interviewed for the Gone in 60 Seconds show.

"Almax was the company that first highlighted the issue, not only by showing how chains can be bolt-cropped but also by developing thief-proof security products - including security chains and devices that can't be practically bolt cropped - that we've been recommending to bikers, even before they were officially approved."

Alex Simpson of Almax says they want to see the standards upgraded. "The argument is that these chains and cables are deterrents - but a chain you can bolt crop in 11 seconds is no deterrent for a thief."

Bikesure has a list of security products, including several from the Almax range, that the company believes will foil most thieves. To encourage bikers to improve the security of their motorbikes, the company is giving a 10% discount off insurance to riders who use any product from the list.

Meanwhile anyone buying an Almax motorcycle security product can claim a further £25 discount off a Bikesure policy.

For more information on Almax, and to see videos of high security motorbike chains being bolt cropped, visit The company can be contacted on 0191 264 2773.

Bikesure has a huge range of specialist policies for the motorcycle enthusiast, including schemes for performance and custom bikes, scooters, trikes, quads and bug riders. For details freephone the Bikesure quote line on 0800 089 2000, email the company at or visit

So, there you have it, hopefully the beginning of a mini revolution, insurers are FINLALLY waking up to the fact that just because there's a Sold Secure or Thatcham sticker on somthing, it doesn't mean that it will actually stand up to a 5 minute attack as claimed.

Surely more turd/fan interfacing on the way with the ITV programme "GONE IN 60 SECONDS: THE BIKE THEFT CRIME WAVE" highlighting the chronic state of bicycle locks and security, guest stars: Abus, Squire and special appearance by Kryptonite. It's on ITV1 and Sky 993 on 24th July 7:30pm, if you like to watch scrotes squirm, be sure to tune in.

More intriguing developments with Kraptonite, their blog is now a pre-approval blog if you want to leave comments, odd. Not as odd as the email address given out on the blog for enquiries,, is Ingersoll Rand, the mother company, is the impending doom going to be too great for Kryptonite to deal with on their own?

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