Tuesday, 24 July 2007

42" Croppers, yes or no Kryptonite?

I promised to keep my reply to the Kryptonite comments on the ITV programme short but I can't resist posting up this little doozie.

"This televised demonstration leads viewers to believe that 42-inch bolt cutters are common tools used by thieves. They are not. The 42-inch bolt cutters used in the show are large in size, expensive to purchase and difficult to obtain (according to our research). Please note that the price of this 42 inch bolt cutter, like the one used in the show, retails for approximately £291-360 ($600-742 U.S. Dollars), and replacement jaws retail for approximately £100.00 ($206 U.S. Dollars). Unfortunately, there will always be people who think it is necessary to publicize ways to perform criminal or other illegal activity. We recognize that and are committed to constantly evaluating technologies and methods for providing products that guard against these most common methods. "

In the meantime, the contradiction fairy has been doing some overtime.

Our internal tests involve a variety of tools used by thieves, such as bolt cutters (including 42 inch bolt cutters), hack saws, hammers, pry bars, grinders, hydraulic devices and a host of other common and uncommon methods. The products are tested to the point of failure in order to understand the limitations and the environments for which the products are best suited. If a new method is heard of by Kryptonite, the products will be retested against that method as well.

So, do thieves use 42" croppers or not?

Full steam ahead for a frantic Kryptonite editing-fest!


Tim said...

£300 I don't think so, try £109 here http://www.screwfix.com/app/sfd/cat/pro.jsp?id=60600&ts=13933

Captain Cropper said...

Tim, those are 30", the price goes up exponentially right the way up to 42".

Mark said...

The TV program made it clear that oppotunist thievs are not the main probelm, most bikes stolen are sold so that classes it them as professional thieves, professional people usually buy the best tool for the job and if i was a thief making £140 for a few mins work i would cetainly by the best tool for the job knowing i would be using it over and over again, so £250 - £300 on a set of croppers would be money well spent to professional theives.

if sold secure and other testing bodies realised that its the professional thief locks have to protect bikes from maybe thier standards might be higher ?

Richard Thomas said...

Hi Captain Cropper,

Any chance I can see the ITV programme from here in the U.S.? The link you gave to the ITV website says the video is only available to users in the UK. Maybe it can be uploaded to YouTube?


Captain Cropper said...

Richard, I will contact the producer of the programme and ask when it will be going on Youtube. It'll be in 3 parts but at least it will be viewable overseas, I mean it does affect people outside of the UK as well.

Richard Thomas said...

thanks CC! can't wait!