Tuesday, 24 July 2007

"Gone in 60 Seconds" ITV1 (Sky 993)

I don't think this blog gets enough hits to put a dent in ITV's viewing figures so here's the link to tonight's programme aired on UK station ITV.


Worthy of mention is how throughout the ENTIRE programme, the thieves without exception, used wire cutters to cut wire based locks. Not rocket science one might think, you need to cut wire? use a wire cutter maybe? obvious? Well not that obvious to Sold Secure because despite claiming to use the same tools a thief would use (remember, wire cutters to cut wire, the ones ALL the thieves in the programme used) they used a hammer and a saw to cut a wire, not wire cutters, a hammer and a saw.

And the Kryptonite Faggydaboodit didn't do too well did it? 11 seconds? Tut tut. No denying what it was this time, bold as brass, full packaging and purchased by someone with no connection to myself or Almax at all. Sweet.

Sometimes it's best to let people for their own opinions on something rather than rant, I think this is one of those occasions.


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