Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Reply forwarded to me from Kryptonite/Ingersoll Rand

In reponse to an email sent by a concerned motorcyclist regarding the Youtube videos and the apparent lack of resistance put up by Kryptonite products.


I have read and seen some items on the internet recently that give me great concern regarding the security of my 2 Kryptonite products. I have the New York D lock and the fahgettaboudit chain I have.

They appear to last just seconds and not the many minutes they are supposed to last, It all appears to be legitamate what has been said and if this is the case I hold no faith in them being able to secure my bikes.

Can you respond regarding my concerns.



Kryptonite Reply

am sorry but I do not follow what concerns you have for the product. Are you saying you have the NY "D" lock and the Fahgettaboudit chain and someone was able to violate them within a short period of time?

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I have those 2 products, but from what I have seen on the internet and apparently will be shown on UK TV in a few weeks will be these products being broken very quickly, if this is the case I will be somewhat unhappy as they are used to secure some expensive bikes.



Kryptonite Reply
We are sorry to hear that you have some concerns about your Kryptonite lock. We hope we can help alleviate some of those concerns.

Kryptonite expertly tests its locks, including the (insert lock in question here provided it is a high end lock), with a variety of tools (bolt cutters, hack saws, hammers, prybars, grinders, hydraulic devices etc.) and in a variety of ways many times over. We also test with tools or devices that are not as commonly available. We have even built equipment that far exceeds methods used on the street. We also constantly analyze data from customer returns and work with law enforcement agencies.

This isn't something that we take lightly and it isn't something that we do just one time. These locks are continuously put through a barrage of tests, including all known methods used on the streets. If we hear of a new method making the rounds, we'll retest our locks to that method, too. If need be, we'll make changes to that lock based on our findings. It's all about staying at least one step ahead of thieves. We are so confident in our high end products, like the New York Fahgettaboudit chain (or insert lock name here), that we offer an anti-theft protection offer with the products.

But, don't just take our word for it. As you will find on our website, we submit our high end locks to independent testing agencies in Europe. You can read about the agencies on our website here:
The New York Fahgettaboudit chain has passed both ART Foundation (Holland) and Sold Secure (UK) at their highest levels. This is not us testing the lock, these are independent agencies that attack the locks (and chains) with everything they've got.

In addition, Cycling Plus in the UK just tested our New York Fahgettaboudit chain, put it up against the competition and it came out the winner. It beat all the chains that were sent to them for the annual test.

We hope that answers and addresses some of your concerns.

Yes, they really did leave in the bit in red that they were meant to fill in with the lock that the customer is refering to, assuming of course that their email has been read.

You couldn't make it up. (Oh, Kryptonite didn't put the "Anti Theft Offer" link in to my blog, I did that.)

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